Here’s to How She Glows – My Personal Nutritional Journey, what I have learned, what I am still learning and how I see the “nutrition and fitness Culture” of today….You might not like me after reading this post – But I believe in being authentic, and if you don’t then that’s okay – we all have different opinions, this makes us human 🙂

One of the amazing things about Nutritional Therapy is that it forces you to look at the WHOLE person, not just small individual parts. Looking at myself for example – I’ve decided to rest this week – avoid ALL exercise – YIP, that’s right. I am a personal Trainer who takes breaks from exercising, now the general response to this is – “no… NEED to exercise”, “summer bodies are made in winter (PUKE)” or my personal Favourite “No, Lauren come now – don’t be lazy”…for anyone who knows me – Lazy is not a word you would use to describe me. I listen to the general feel of rest and it breaks my heart. When did rest become a sign of weakness? When did it determine how fit or strong you are, when did it determine how thin or fat you are?

Here are some FACTS, I hold onto these when the “hearsayers” responses are deafening.

  1. Muscles rebuild ONLY in times of rest…no rest, no new muscle growth – and this does not only lend itself to muscle….
  2. We all have something called “Metabolic reserve” in this day and age we withdrawal constantly from this reserve – running on empty is almost a badge worn with pride – I am SO stressed, she says proudly. The more you withdrawal and the less you deposit, the less likely you are to lose weight. Physiology changes, the way you absorb nutrients and the way you use nutrients change when you are running on empty. Think about it – from an evolutionary point of view, you are tired, stressed and hungry; and you are on the hunt for food – do you think your body is going to start storing the food you give it? Or drop weight? It’s more likely to start storing, protecting you from exhaustion and energy loss. Also, death! This mechanism is in each and every one of us…
  3. Exercise is a STRESSOR, yes not all stressors are bad. Exercise is one of the best preventative activities for pathology and disease. It cures diseases like metabolic syndrome, PCOS and insulin sensitivity, amazing! BUT – when you are living on empty, chronically stressed, lack of sleep, lack of sunlight, too much exposure to blue light technology, living on caffeine, nutrient insufficient diet – which tends to come with this type of lifestyle (a restrictive type diet) and then you exercise – I can guarantee you that your body is not going to see this as a good stress, it’s not going to “reward” you with a six pack…’s going to do its job, store fat in the event of too many metabolic withdrawals and protect you from future energy loss.

We live in a culture where it’s virtually impossible to listen to your own body’s signals, for a very long time I was part of this culture – thriving for the perfect body, training like a demon and eating like a bird. I found it SO hard to rest and recover, like I would be missing out on something (on what – who knows?), I would be excluded from the secret “fit body club”, frowned upon from other Personal trainers (the Pro trainers you know..)

Nutritional Therapy has taught me how to reconnect with myself – start depositing into that reserve instead of withdrawing from it. Listen when your body is tired, eat when you are hungry – not because its 2pm and some diet says you need too (I mean???). Take a walk, take a nap, listen to a song, a podcast, dance or meditate…whatever.

Rest is NOT a sign of weakness and the best thing this is??? My body looks better now than it ever did with less exercise and more food – crazy right? Or MAYBE I have just started to look at my body with kinder eyes. It is SO hard for people to believe that you can get results, whatever these results mean to you, weight-loss or body acceptance without going on a diet and without exercising your life away…

There is such a thing as Health at EVERY size – and this is the culture I believe in! Aceso Culture, Aceso is the greek goddess of the healing process – pretty apt if you ask me 🙂

Try it!! Lauren x