Following on from my video, what is a prebiotic and why do we need them?

Most people have heard about a Probiotic right? Probiotics are live bacteria’s found in yoghurt, fermented foods and supplements – these guys are types of bacteria that replenish and help re-establish the gut army. (Mostly good but also bad – we often don’t know exactly which bacteria is being encouraged to grow). It’s important to remember that Probiotics are very sensitive – to the likes of heat and digestive acids, I usually eat quite a lot in its fermented form (homemade kefir yoghurt) to make sure it reaches my gut alive. While I am a firm believer (and user) of probiotics, I have found a lot more use with Prebiotics in making sure my gut army is fighting fit!

A Prebiotic on the other hand is a type of plant fibre (not bacteria) that feeds the good bacteria in your colon – i.e. GUT FOOD! This plant fibre is non-digestible to the body, another word is insoluble. Only the gut bacteria use the prebiotic fibre to eat, grow and play around in!

Prebiotics are not effected by heat or stomach acids so they reach the gut quite easily, they are predominately found in the skins of fruit and vegetables – like onion, garlic, ginger, banana and apples – which makes getting enough of it difficult.

A Fire Tonic has macerated (soaked) Ginger, garlic and raw unfiltered Apple cider vinegar carrying the mother enzymes in it, which draws out all the prebiotic goodness one can get in a Tonic.

One 15ml Fire Tonic shot is all you need to get your gut army up, running and ready!